1. Facing pages.

    Páginas enfrentadas.

    Pages left and right on a spread sheet.

  2. Factoids / Callouts.


    Words, phrases or short texts used to label maps or charts.

  3. Fading / Blend / Gradient.


    A mix of two colors that fade gradually from one tint to the other or from one tint to white.

  4. Feature / Special report.

    Tema especial / Reportaje.

    Article or report that is not a hard-news story. Can be about something in the present or something non-temporary, and often given a special graphic treatment.

  5. Fever chart / Line chart.

    Gráfico lineal.

    Chart containing points on a graph. It shows quantities over time.

  6. File size.

    Tamaño de documento.

    The size of a file, expressed in Kb, Mb, Gb, etc.

  7. Filler.

    Relleno / Recurso.

    Graphic element used to fill space on a page (for instance, an advertisement of the actual publication).

  8. Final art / Camera-ready art.

    Arte final.

    A layout document ready to print.

  9. Finish.


    Final surface given to the paper (calendering, coating, embossing...). -Vellum finish: Acabado Vitella or Imitación pergamino. -Machine finish: Acabado en máquina. -Linen finish: Acabado imitación tela.

  10. Finishing.


    All the processes made after the printing process of any graphic element.

  11. Flag / Head / Nameplate.


    The name of a publication, as displayed on the cover or the front page.

  12. Flat color.

    Color liso.

    Color area, printed without tone variation.

  13. Flat color / Spot color.

    Tinta plana / Tinta directa.

    Extra ink on a page, apart from CMYK.

  14. Flatplan.

    Lanzado / Planillo.

    Structure of the contents of a publication, showed page per page, useful as a guide for all the staff implied in the making of the publication.

  15. Flexography.


  16. Floating accents.

    Acentos flotantes.

  17. Flop.


    To turn an image, as it would be facing a mirror.

  18. Flush left.

    Justificación izquierda / Alineación izquierda.

    Text or elements aligned even along their left margin.

  19. Flush right.

    Justificación derecha / Alineación derecha.

    Text or elements aligned even along their right margin.

  20. Foam board / Lightweight cardboard.

    Cartón pluma / Foam.

    Expanded polystyrene board with both sides covered with a cardboard, normally black or white.

  21. Foil.


  22. Folio / Running Head / Running foot.

    Folio / Folio explicativo.

    -Folio: In publishing, page number. -Running head / Running foot: Type giving the name of the publication, date and page number; usually located at the top (running head) or the bottom (running foot) of an inside page.

  23. Font.


    All the characters of a typeface sharing the same size and weight (for instance, Typeface Futura, font Futura Light Italic 12 pt.)

  24. Font family.

    Familia tipográfica.

    All the different weights and styles of a tipography (italic, extended, light, etc.).

  25. Four-color process / Process / CMYK / Full color.

    A todo color / Cuatricromía / CMYK.

    The printing process that combines Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks.

  26. Four-score.

    A cuatro hendidos.

  27. Front page / Cover.


    –In books: the front of the book –including the title, author and publishing house. –In periodical publications: the first page. Also known as "Front page".

  28. Fugitive color.

    Color fugitivo.

    Color that is not solid.

  29. Full color / Four-color process / Process / CMYK.

    Cuatricromía / CMYK / A todo color.

    The printing process that combines Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks.

  30. Full frame / Full photo.

    Imagen entera.

    Image showed as it was shot, with its entire image area, not cropped at all.

  31. Full photo / Full frame.

    Imagen entera.

    Image showed as it was shot, with its entire image area, not cropped at all.