1. Magenta.


    Second of the four colours used in the 4-colour printing process: CMYK. C for Cyan, M for Magenta, Y for Yellow, K for Black.

  2. Makeready.


    The process of preparing the necessary equipment for a print run: printing, finishing, folding, binding, etc.

  3. Margin.


    In a page, space between the limits of the layout and the limits of the page itself.

  4. Mask.


  5. Master page.

    Página maestra / Maqueta base.

    A template used by page-layout software to ease a consistent placement of the grid and the common layout elements (column width, folio, etc) throughout a document, a feature or an entire publication.

  6. Masthead / Staff info.


    In periodical press, block of text including the staff and the publication data. In books, short text showing the edition and printing data, copyright, etc.

  7. Measure.


    The width of a block of type.

  8. Modern figures / Capital figures / Lining figures.

    Cifras capitales / Cifras alineadas / Cifras modernas.

    Figures that have the heigth of a typeface's capital letters.

  9. Modular Layout.

    Maqueta modular.

    Grid composed as a stack of rectangles. Regularly used in newspapers, to ease the placing of advertisements with the use of exact sizes (modules).

  10. Mug shot.

    Foto carnet / Careto.

    Small photo showing just the face of a person, like a passport photo.