1. Tab.


    A small, flat piece that sticks out from the edge of a printed publication (such as a book or a magazine) allowing the reader to identify and find what he/she is looking for. On a website, every section displayed in the menu bar at the homepage.

  2. Table.


    Sidebar or graphic that stacks words or figures in columns and rows, to ease comparing data.

  3. Tabloid.


    Newspaper measuring 27,5 or 28x43 cm (format known as well as Double Letter). This is the habitual format in Spain, but is also used, for instance, by newspapers like La Jornada (Mexico), Clarín (Argentina), Bild (Germany) and The Independent (UK). More easy to handle than the Broadsheet format and cheaper to print.

  4. Teaser / Promo / Skybox / Skyline.

    Llamada / Alerta / Reclamo.

    Eye-catching graphic elements that run above or below the flag on the front page of a newspaper, recalling news or features from the inside pages. If they are boxed (for instance, with a photo), they are called “skyboxes”. When they have only text, they are called “skylines”. In general, they are “promos” or “teasers”.

  5. Test / Proof.


    A copy of a layout to be checked before printing.

  6. Thermal printer.

    Impresor térmico.

  7. Thumbnail.

    Miniatura / Imagen en miniatura.

  8. Title / Title page / Separator / Separating page.


    Page or pages with which a chapter or subject of a book begins, and that is/are repeated throughout it.

  9. Title page / Title / Separator / Separating page.


    Page or pages with which a chapter or subject of a book begins, and that is/are repeated throughout it.

  10. To print / Printing.

    Impresión / Imprimir.

    -Impresión a papel: Print to paper -Impresión a sangre: Bleed printing -Impresión con datos variables: Variable data printing -Impresión digital: Digital printing -Bronzing / Bronze printing: Impresión en bronce -Sheet work / Sheet printingImpresión en hojas -Laser printing: Impresión láser -Lenticular printing: Impresión lenticular -Litographic printing (Litography): Impresión litográfica (litografía) -Screen printing (Screen print): Impresión serigráfica (serigrafía) -Letterpress printing: Impresión tipográfica

  11. To set width (typeface) / Scaling (image).


    Escalar. Modifying a typeface in height or width, expressed in percentage. Reducing or enlarging an image.

  12. Tracking.


    Automatic adjust of the space between letters. Any track adjustment affects the readability of the text. To loose tracking: "Aumentar el tracking". To tight tracking: "Disminuir el tracking". Measured in points.

  13. Trim.


    Cutting mark of a document. Final measure of a document after cutting.

  14. Trim marks / Crop marks / Cutting marks.

    Marcas de corte.

    Marks showing where the pages have to be trimmed after the printing process.

  15. Trimmer / Guillotine.


    Device for cutting paper or cardboard after the printing process. -Three-knife trimmer: Guillotina de tres cortes.

  16. Typeface / Typography.


    A family of fonts.

  17. Typefounding.

    Fundición de tipos.

  18. Typesetting.

    Composición tipográfica.

    Arrangement of the type to be read on paper or screen.

  19. Typographer.


    Typeface designer.

  20. Typographical syntax / Orthotypography.


    Aspect of typography that defines the meaning and rightful usage of typographic signs, notably punctuation marks, and elements of layout such as flush margins and indentation. Orthotypographic rules vary broadly from language to language, from country to country, and even from publisher to publisher[citation needed]. As such, they are more often described as "conventions". Each major publisher maintains a list of orthotypographic rules that they apply as part of their house style. (Source: Wikipedia)

  21. Typography / Typeface.


    A family of fonts.